Terms of Agreement

Authorization and Eligibility:
I hereby authorize Long Island Tax Angels to be my agent and to file my application for the period beginning January 2, 2021 – March 1, 2021 for the 2022-23 Assessment Roll,with the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission as well as the Small Claims Assessment Review of the Supreme Court, New York State, for an application for correction of my assessment for the upcoming year’s tentative assessment roll. I further authorize Tax Angels to appeal any so-called final assessment for the assessment roll discussed above.

I represent that I am the homeowner, or the authorized agent of the actual homeowner of the property described below and that my name appears as homeowner on the County records (if I am the actual homeowner and not the agent). I further represent that the aforesaid property is a one, two or three family dwelling and that the property is used solely for residential purposes.

I hereby agree that I will pay to Tax Angels 40% of the property tax reduction as well as any other recovered funds as a result of the filing of this grievance and/or any other efforts undertaken by Tax Angels to reduce the taxes and the tax assessment for me. In the event of the issuance of any refund for previously paid taxes, Tax Angels is authorized to collect such refund as my agent and deduct all payments owed to Tax Angels before returning the remainder to me. If I elect to proceed to Small Claims Assessment Review, I will pay any and all County or Court required filing fees. In the event said filing fees are paid for by Tax Angels in order to expedite the process, I agree that shall reimburse Tax Angels for such filing fees. I further agree that in the event I sell the property, I am still responsible for any fees and expenses hereunder. I UNDERSTAND THAT IN THE EVENT Tax Angels DOES NOT OBTAIN A REDUCTION FOR ME, THEN I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PAYMENT TO THEM FOR SERVICES RENDERED.

I agree that payment is owed within thirty (30) days from the date of an emailed invoice, detailing the assessment/tax reduction. Tax Angels has informed me that there are installment payment options which can be made available to me and that such information is located elsewhere.

Other Terms:
I hereby acknowledge that: (i) I have the right to cancel this agreement in writing for up to three days after it is entered into, (ii) I am not required to hire an agency to grieve my taxes for me and I am choosing to do so, (iii) if I am in default of the terms hereunder, I shall be required to pay any reasonable late fees as well as reasonable attorney/collection fees imposed uponmeby Tax Angels.

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