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Your Tax Grievance Questions Answered

  • What exactly is a property tax grievance?

    It’s executing your right as a homeowner in Nassau County to have your property value assessed to ensure that you’re not paying more than your fair share in taxes. This gist of it is: if your property value goes down (don’t worry, this doesn’t affect the market value of your home), so do your taxes – and you save money! Your taxes won’t go up by challenging them; they will only go down, or, at the very least, stay the same. So, there is no losing in grieving your taxes – only gaining!

  • When is the deadline to grieve?

    March 1, 2021 is the deadline!

    If you live in Nassau County, the Assessment Review Committee accepts grievance applications every year between January 2nd and March 1st, but we can start accepting and working on applications as early as September 1st. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible!

  • How do I check to see if I’m a good candidate for a grievance?

    Any homeowner who has not challenged his or her taxes over the last 2 years, or has never challenged them at all, has a very strong case to see substantial savings. However, all residents in Nassau County benefit from grieving their taxes every year. This will ensure that the tax levy is distributed equitably and that all residents pay their fair share of taxes. Still unsure? Call today to speak to one of our specialists for a free evaluation of your property!

  • Will I still owe Long Island Tax Angels a payment if I don’t win the grievance?

    Nope! We only get paid if we save you money. If you don’t get a property tax reduction, you do not owe us any fees at all.

  • What is the process like? Will I have to invest a lot of my time?

    Once you submit your application, Long Island Tax Angels will take care of everything from there. No phone calls, emails, or paperwork are required from you – this is all left up to us and the hardworking individuals at the Assessment Review Committee. Fill out our short form in minutes, let us do the work, and receive your savings! It’s that simple!

    We will keep you informed via e-mail through out the process.

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